Some Things Take Time, Not Borrowing

The Company has managed to grow a large customer base over a considerably short time in existence, mainly due to the level of ethics observed and the high standards of customer care. LF aims to deliver and strives to conduct its affairs and business with honesty; in accordance with a good and sound business principle in full compliance with all applicable laws and statues.

The company was founded to provide micro-credit to members of our communities who are excluded from the mainstream financial institutions and deprived of basic financial services. We understand our role of bridging the gap left out by banks in providing emergency loans for medical bills, food, funeral expenses and other day to day emergencies that may arise. We are proud to be assisting in small projects development.

At LIC Finance, we are cognizant of the fact that we are dealing with people’s feelings and expectations and when people approach us for funds; it is after they have put their trust in us. We make every effort to make their experience memorable. We have done all there is to make it possible. We have lined up a similarly minded team that also sees beyond the ordinary. We have room only for the very best!


To be a leading micro finance institution, providing excellent services for low income earners in order to create benefits for clients, shareholders and society.


To provide small to medium enterprises with the assistance and technical know-how on how to manage financial resources efficiently and by so doing improve the quality of their lives.

Our Core Values

Integrity Trustworthiness Customer Oriented Teamwork Participatory process Continuous Learning Transparency

LIC Finance

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