Some Things Take Time, Not Borrowing

Product Types

We are a financial institution registered with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and all other statutes that govern money lending in the country. We give Loans at 10% interest rate over a period of 1 month, 3months or 6months as per customer's request. We are urging all Civil Servants, Members of the Defence Forces and Police Force to come in their thousands to obtain our affordable loans. We are also in the process of making arrangements with Human Resource Departments of various companies to give us a payee deduction code so as to facilitate and allow their employees to access our affordable Loans. According to the Constitution of Zimbabwe every employee has the right to borrow and access affordable finance of their choice.

As LIC Finance we are here to cover the gap which is left by Commercial Banks who demand for title deeds of immovable property as a pre-requisite for lending whilst LIC Finance's requirements are as simple as a Current Payslip, National Identinty Card and Passport Size Photo. We process the loan application within 12 hours of submission. We transfer your money into your bank account as soon as we have approved your application. Get the Money you need, When you need it.

Range Of Services

LF offers a broad range of services including the management of finances and consultancy. Moreover, our head office consulting division provides our clients with central support in specialized business areas.


LF works with a growing range of reputable clients from a variety of backgrounds. We offer services to Civil Servants and the private sector. Recent clients include Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe, Astro and many others.

Track Record

LF has built a distinguished track record for providing high-quality services and delivering impeccable project results even in difficult economic environments. LFS has evolved into a leading provider of financial service solutions for those in urgent need of financial support.


Our long-standing specialization in micro finance has enabled us to accumulate substantial in-house expertise in micro, small and medium enterprise finance. Continual market research and cross-project experience exchange ensure that our centres of competence are always up to date in terms of product and process innovations.

Concept Orientation

LF does not provide isolated experts or resources, but offer services in accordance to the client’s needs. Within our area of specialization, we are able to provide integrated financial service packages.

Main Factors of Success 

  • Concentration on a range of highly standardized credit products to reduce operating costs and streamline lending procedures;
  • A lean, decentralized organization that assigns a high degree of autonomy and responsibility to the loan officer throughout the loan cycle, as opposed to classical back office / front office structures;
  • On-site compilation of key financial data and other risk-relevant information concerning a client, rather than relying on fragmentary, outdated or inaccurate“official” data;
  • Joint decision making in credit, which convene on a daily basis to keep processing times to a minimum;
  • A transparent and highly performance-oriented staff remuneration and promotion system.

LIC Finance

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